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What is the Work? - March Twelve


"What is the Work?" is an ongoing series, a daily log of studio time. What I worked on, how it went, how I felt, what I drank, what I listened to, what the weather was like. A way to mark passing days, to notice how it feels, to figure out what the work is. You can find the whole series under the tag "What is the Work?"

Today, I...

worked on a bunch of signal flags, a couple of bandanas, and the beginning of putting together & binding my tamarack jacket. 

I love making signal flags because I don't have to think very hard. I've made so many at this point that I can just sort of get into the process and crank them out. It's a good feeling.

Had a major breakthrough in bandana development today, since the cotton lawn I ordered came in the mail. Cotton lawn is the PERFECT bandana fabric (apart from actual silk, but that's a different thing. Made a two-tone pink and red lawn bandana and then wore it for the rest of the afternoon because it's perfect. So soft, so silky, so light and airy. I really did like the linen/cotton combo I came up with before. That bandana was more substantial and certainly warmer. But this one is easier to wear and tie, and it just feels so nice and has a great drape. I'll be wearing mine frequently, I think. 

Finished the hand-quilting on my tamarack jacket pieces, so now we're onto construction. I didn't have quite enough pink linen for the amount of binding I need for the front borders of the jacket, so luckily another yard came in the mail today (currently being washed so I can turn it into binding tomorrow. I'm trying really hard to figure out how to make my jacket reversible because I love my lining just as much as my outer fabric (in fact, I originally imagined them reversed.) It will take some maneuvering of seams and such, and maybe some reimagined closures. I already did away with the welt-pockets in the pattern. Planning to go with some patch pockets instead, when all is said and done. We will see. 

Finished my day hand-stitching some binding on the bottom edge of the back of my jacket while watching Mozart in the Jungle. All in all one of the nicest heavy-sewing days I've had ina long while. 

am listening to MUSICALS. If you know me well you know that I love musicals and know very many of them by heart. It's always been like this for me. My whole life I've been a broadway baby. Today I listened to Hamilton, which I haven't listened to in a while (IT'S STILL VERY GOOD), The Light in the Piazza all the way through four times in a row, no joke, and selections from Children of Eden (which isn't on Spotify??!! Had to track it down on YouTube. What gives??) Light in the Piazza was really getting me, especially "Dividing Day." 

am drinking lime la croix, only it's Aldi's version of la croix (cheaper and just as good). 

am feeling like sewing and listening to musicals / singing along is one of the best ways to spend a day. 

am reading Wendell Berry poems.