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All Well Bucket Bag - Supply List + Release Announcement


The All Well Bucket Bag will be available on Tuesday, April 30th, 2019.


We are so happy to announce that All Well’s first sewing pattern, the All Well Bucket Bag, is releasing next week, on Tuesday, April 30th!

My friend and collaborator Amelia Greenhall and I have been working hard on the pattern for the past few months and we are looking forward to releasing it so it can become a beloved part of your wardrobe! We have loved using our Bucket Bags, tweaking and refining them, carefully choosing straps and fabrics, and we can’t wait to see what you do with it!

The pattern has four bag variations built in. I’ve made (and very regularly use!) all of the bags shown here! Here’s a quick overview of the variety of bags you can make with the All Well Bucket Bag pattern.

  1. Convertible Backpack/ Tote


A comfortable bucket-shaped backpack that easily switches to a cross-body bag or shoulder bag by pulling the strap through the front two grommets and knotting or otherwise shortening the strap. I took this variation on a big trip all around California and it was an amazing travel companion. I loved the versatility to make me feel like I had the right bag in the airport and out to dinner alike!

2. Shoulder or Cross Body Tote


The perfect tote bag with some extra special details! The bucket shape makes the bag wonderfully roomy for carrying everything you need, and the simple shape is minimal and beautiful. The strap is the perfect length for wearing over the shoulder and can also sit as a close cross-body for biking or keeping your gear close and secure. I teach art and theater classes all over the city and this bag goes with me to help me schlep all my gear! It’s perfect!

3. Mini Crossbody / Tote


I’ve been using this bag as my everyday purse, and I have loved it! It’s beautifully neutral, easy to reach into, the perfect size for my keys and phone and wallet and receipts and even a book or two! The double strap is an interesting design detail, and It has a wonderfully casual feel that works great with what I love to wear. I get compliments on it all the time! It’s an unusual shape for a purse but never feels out of place or strange. I love it!

4. Mini Backpack

No image for this one yet, but imagine the top backpack smaller! Great for kids or for bike rides or just about anytime you’d like some flexibility in how you can wear your bag!

We wanted to give you the chance to choose which variation you’d like to make and collect your supplies before the pattern comes out! This is the official supply list for the All Well Bucket Bag Pattern. In the pattern booklet we will include lots of tips on sourcing and supply selection, so all of that information will be available soon!


We recommend cotton canvas, duck cloth, or similar, 10oz-12oz weight (339gsm - 407gsm) for best results.  

The amount depends on the bag size you plan to make.

Regular Bag, Backpack or Tote: 1 yard / 1 meter fabric (this will leave you with a little extra — if you’d like to be precise you can buy 3/4 yard / 3/4 meter)

Mini Bag, Backpack or Tote: 3/4 yard / 3/4 meter fabric (this will leave you with a little extra — if you’d like to be precise you can buy 1/2 yard / 1/2 meter)

Interior Pocket fabric can be self canvas or a lighter weight fabric. Extra fabric is needed if you want to match plaids, stripes or prints. Extra fabric also needed for canvas straps.


  • The Standard Necessities: Sewing machine, Iron, Ironing Board, Pins

  • Thread (all purpose works fine, but heavy-duty thread is also a great option for sewing with 12 oz. canvas and above and for sewing leather straps)

  • Heavy-Duty sewing machine needles (for 12 oz canvas and up and for sewing leather straps)

  • Four (4) grommets 3/8” (10 mm) inner-diameter  (#2 size) + grommet setter tool - double sided grommets recommended. (Or you can skip this and make buttonholes.)

  • Straps - you can choose between three options:

    • For the Convertible Backpack, Tote/Crossbody, and Mini Convertible Backpack

      • Leather: 72” by 3/8” (10 mm) wide by 1/8” thick (183 cm by 1 cm by 3mm) for the Convertible Backpack,

      • Cotton Webbing: 72” by 1” (183 cm by 2.5 cm)

      • Cotton Canvas:  72” by 2” strip of canvas (183 cm by 5 cm)

    • For the Mini Tote/Crossbody (for more of a purse length strap)

      • Leather: 78” by 3/8” (10 mm) wide by 1/8” thick (198 cm by 1 cm by 3 mm)

      • Cotton Webbing: 78” by 1” (183 cm by 2.5 cm)

      • Cotton Canvas: 78” by 2” strip of canvas

Note: The strap length listed here is our sample length, but the ending strap length of the bag is totally up to you! For tall and/or plus-size makers we recommend adding up to 12” to your strap, depending on variation. We recommend you always start with extra and pin before sewing into place to see what exact length works best for you! You can use a measuring tape as a fake temporary strap for an easy way to measure! Or measure the strap length on your favorite bag. Remember that for both the regular size tote and the mini bucket bag, the strap makes one continuous loop through the four grommets, so the final strap is doubled like in the photos.

  • 72” 1 in. cotton twill tape or 1/2” double fold bias tape

We can’t wait to share this pattern with you officially soon! We will announce the pattern first via the All Well Workshop newsletter. Hit the button to sign up and be the first to know when it’s out!

You can also follow us on Instagram for frequent updates too — find us @allwellworkshop. You can always let us know what you think at and We truly can’t wait to see what you make!