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All Well Bucket Bag - Garden Lookbook


The All Well Bucket Bag is available now! Click the button below to learn more and buy it!

THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE! Happy All Well Bucket Bag Day! In preparing for the release of the All Well Bucket Bag pattern, I had a wonderful afternoon in the garden enjoying the warm weather and wishing I could fill my bags with flowers all the time. If only Amelia could have been there to celebrate with me — too bad we live all the way across the country from each other! Still, we’ve been making long-distance collaboration work. I’m so thankful that she was willing to jump into this huge project with me — neither of us have ever fully produced a sewing pattern before! We’ve learned a TON, and are so excited to keep going. (PS — if you’re interested in learning how to digitize your own sewing patterns, Amelia is working on a wonderful blog post series with really great information!) There’s a new sewing pattern in town, it’s time to party in our own gardens!

I love how these images turned out. I feel like they really capture how I feel about the bag. It’s made to be work in gardens, with blue jeans, to be smudged with dirt. It’s made for all sorts of life in all sorts of settings. I can’t wait to see where you take yours!