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All Well Box Top -- Release Announcement + Supply List


The happiest news: the All Well Box Top will be released on Tuesday, June 11th!

We can’t wait for you to get to sew this amazing pattern that we have so loved developing. This top is the first one I (Amy) ever self-drafted. It’s been wear-tested thousands of hours (I’ve made about ten in the various variations for my personal wardrobe and have plans for many more!), and it became the foundation of my slow-fashion collection where I sewed it hundreds more times and sent it all over the country!

Now, I am so excited that it can become a part of your handmade wardrobe too. This has been my dream all along, to empower and embolden folks to sew their own clothes. As much as I love sewing clothes to send to others, I love even more teaching people how! This pattern includes all my secrets, all the tips and tricks and favorite methods I’ve learned in my hours and hours of sewing this garment over and over again. We wrote this pattern so a complete beginner could use it to make their very first garment (which was the case for a few of our lovely testers!) or so that a seasoned sewist could whip it up quick and have a great time in the process! I know that this pattern will be a foundational piece in my wardrobe for years and years to come, and I’m so excited for it to be a part of yours too!

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Four Variations:

The All Well Box Top comes with complete instructions for four main variations. Once you’ve made one, it’s easy to learn to make the others. This really is a pattern you can learn by heart and make over and over. You’ll be whipping these up in no time!

  • The Sleeveless Box Top: The original box top! This easy-wearing boxy top is breezy and comfortable, perfect for summer days or layering. I love to tuck it in, or wear it cropped with high-waisted pants. Works great with a variety of fabrics. Dress it up with a drapey raw silk or rayon blend, or keep it comfy in linen or cotton!

  • The Long Sleeve Box Top: This will be your chilly weather uniform! The same box top silhouette with a perfectly tapered sleeve for a comfortable but polished look. These are honestly some of my favorite garments in my wardrobe — a perfect layering piece!

  • The Sleeveless Ruffle Top: Sometimes you need some flounce! This garment was one of the biggest bestsellers in my collection, and that’s because it’s so good! Perfect proportions and so many opportunities for color-blocking and creativity. Easy to hack into a ruffle dress too!

  • The Box Dress: The simplest dress paired with the simplest belt for effortless style! We love the box dress because it’s easy and comfortable and looks incredible! Wear it to work! Wear it to brunch! And make it long with a split-hem (in our Hacking Guide) and you’re beach OR wedding ready!


Hacking Guide:

The All Well Box Top pattern also comes with the All Well Box Top Hacking Guide, a separate booklet with TONS of hack instructions and ideas so you can create dozens more variations of the All Well Box Top! The Hacking Guide suits the All Well Box Top perfectly, but the skills and ideas are totally transferrable to all of the patterns in the library, making the All Well Box Top Hacking Guide a valuable part of the pattern not only as you make these garments but many more!

We are SO EXCITED about this special addition to the All Well Box Top pattern. Self-drafting and Hacking techniques have a very special place in our hearts because we want you to make your garment exactly as you envision it in your mind, and we want to you have all the tools you need to do that! The All Well Box Top Hacking Guide extends the pattern from four variations to DOZENS!!


Size Guide and Fabric Requirements:

If you’re super excited and want to plan your All Well Box Top early, here are the details you need to know.



For all sorts of All Well Box Top inspiration, check out the #allwellboxtop hashtag on Instagram! Our testers made AMAZING box tops and many of them posted them there! Here are just a few to browse — many more collected in the hashtag! This is a great way to browse fit and fabric choice and start to think about what sort of box top you’d like to make. We hope you’ll add your own pictures to the hashtag once you make yours!

(Use the arrows at the sides to navigate right and left. Click the image to see the maker’s Instagram account!)

Sign up for our newsletter and check back Tuesday to buy the All Well Box Top Pattern! Feel free to email us at if you have any questions! We’re so excited for this pattern to come out. We can’t wait to see what you make!

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