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sewing patterns (bucket bag + box top) and tools and finished garments and artist-made quilts and commissions and zines and poems and flags —

all well garments are now added to the shop finished and in small batches. check the shop to see what’s new and contact me if you’re interested in a custom commission!

all well fabric index

About All Well’s fabrics: beautiful fabric is one of the driving inspiration forces behind all well. fabric-sourcing is almost always on my mind. I have very particular taste and high standards, and I source from all over the place — secondhand fabric sales, deadstock treasure hunts, new fabric made in ethical and sustainable factories, natural fibers that are kind to the earth and our bodies. all well garments are small batch and limited edition — many of these fabrics are deadstock, vintage, or otherwise one-of-a-kind and in quite limited supply. I work hard to source special and responsible fabrics, then I sew them into clothes that you’ll love, that will last a long time.

Using the index: This index serves as an example of the sorts of fabrics I make my small-batch garments from. In the past, I’ve operated on a made-to-order basis, but now I make garments thoughtfully and one at a time, and I post them as-is. This shift is in an effort to build up stock so that I can participate in markets and have a presence at local shops in Pittsburgh.

Ordering Instructions: In most cases, keep checking back to see what’s new in the shop. I’ll post new garments and finished objects in batches.

Commissions: If you are interested in commissioning a garment in a certain kind of fabric or to your custom measurements, reach out to me and we can make it happen! I’m always open to commissions!


Reclaimed Fabric Index:
(all limited edition. find fabric content and weight by clicking into image. select a fabric for your all well garment by putting the fabric number in the notes of your order in the shop. fiber content varies.)

New Fabric Index:
(thoughtfully sourced new fabrics, specifically chosen because I love them and they are minimally impactful on the world and the people who made them. these fabrics are hardwearing and always exclusively natural fibers, meaning they can stay in your closet forever and decompose safely and quickly if they don’t.)